This is a work in progress and We welcome anyone’s input with regard to the subject.


Those of the American People’s Party hereby adhere to a policy of applying Common Sense to all of life’s processes, recognizing that Common Sense is derived from cognitive thought processes that can be applied to life’s process in every imaginable way. Common Sense is in accordance with Universal Law and is explained as follows:


It makes Common Sense to use the mind as a tool for analytical processing, recognizing that humans, on the whole, have emotional responses as well but that in order to attain a level of Common Sense, one must attempt to apply Analytical Processes to Emotional Responses.


Common Sense is the ability to reason and come to conclusion based on that which is in accordance with Universal Law (as described in our Code of Universal Law).


Common Sense, as it applies to those of The American People’s Party, is derived from Democratic Thinking, which suggests that all people are created equal and should thus be able to experience Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness through a process, which in addition to other processes, is brought about in part by the application of Common Sense.


Common Sense lies in the ability of the Human Being to be able to rationalize, answer questions respectfully, listen when spoken to, listen to reason and respond in a constructive manner and without anger (in as much is as humanly possible). Common Sense includes respect for Human Life and it’s values.


Common Sense is mathematical in a way that it promotes logic and through-line thinking - A process that is to be applied in proactive and productive ways. As well, it is of the physical, the metaphysical, the conscious and the subconscious realms.


Where as 1 + 1 equals 2, so it is assumed (in a similar manner) that Common Sense can be applied to every aspect of life: Personal, Private, Professional and Public; with regard to Laws, Management, Maintenance, et al...


Common Sense is the ability to reason in ways that apply to our Democracy - thus resulting in a more fair, equitable and balanced society.


Common Sense applies to our Psychological Make-up and our Physiological make-up, bringing forth the ability for Human Kind to recognize it’s shortcomings, identify and eliminate it’s hypocrisies, and correct it’s mistakes.


In every conceivable way, common sense implies respect, consideration and regard for the human condition.


Common Sense is achieved by every human being making a vow to be sensible; with regard to choice, direction, decision, emotion, and reaction to life’s challenges.


Common Sense should be applied to every aspect of life.


Common Sense should apply to every aspect of law.


Common Sense should be utilized in our relations (both Professional and Personal).


Common Sense should be used in our Decision Making Processes.


It is fully realized that Common Sense may be a matter of perception, therefore it is important to recognize that those of the American People’s Party bring forth a "best efforts" attempt to apply Common Sense wherever and whenever possible, realizing that a general understanding of Common Sense could ultimately lead to better communication and better understanding among people.


Common Sense is not necessarily rooted in Religion, but that is not to say that there are not religions and religious beliefs that convey the ideology of Common Sense. If fact, it may be that certain aspects of religion and faith can be applied to the ideology of Common Sense, but it is understood that all application of Common Sense as it relates to Religion, should be in accordance with Universal Law.




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