Higher Power Thinking is generally Universal but we recognize that there are those who think otherwise. The Church – all churches and all religions – must be completely separate from the state – in a true Democracy.

We adhere to the advancement of society through education, technology, cooperation, research, development and goodwill, etc.

It is natural to protect, defend, develop, maintain, sustain, advance, admire and respect Life and Liberty.

It is not natural to kill, maim, hurt or disrespect Life & Liberty; anything to the contrary denies Life as a Unique and Miraculous existence.

We recognize the need to be of a social nature and attempt to have regard for the social structure and it’s hierarchy – with utmost compassion and respect for the elderly, disabled and disadvantaged.




We are of an intellectual nature – and vow to seek higher education, knowledge and wisdom, and seek to further develop the human mind in every conceivable way; recognizing that it is our intelligence that has enabled us to survive and it is the human brain that separates the human species from other kinds.

We recognize that every human being has the right to choose for themselves under the guise of the Democratic Society – and the boundaries of its laws.

One and all must consider humanity and the nature of the human condition; that humans are of flesh & blood, that they are miraculous in their existence with the gift of life; that human life is essentially fragile and often fallible; that people are born of different intellectual capacity; On a global level it is imperative that all people should recognize and respect those of a different race, religion, individual belief, cultural background, language and customs – and that in a true Democratic Society, all people are considered equal – and that no one person or sovereignty holds eminent domain, nor can they impose their will on anyone.

….We of The American People's Party believe that all Humans are unique and deserve the right to be themselves.



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